1. January 2018

It’s Sunday Morning, 10 a.m.!

Tell me, what are you doing on a Sunday morning at 10 a.m.?

It might be a little bit weird to start my very first blog post with a question. What do people do during a normal Sunday morning? Do they go to church? Are they on their way to a football / sports game? Or maybe meet friends at a brunch?

Nothing of that is what I do. I go to the Brussels Writing Meetup!

Brussels? Yes, I live in Brussels. Meetup? Writing? The two words though normally confuse people whom I tell about my Sunday morning. Meetup can be explained easily: it is an online platform for people being interested in a subject or activity.  You could see it as a modern form of a club. You have everything from doing sports, going out, tasting wine or speaking languages. And, in my case, I meet people who enjoy writing.

So, what is Martin, the engineer, writing about? Good question! As usual in my life: anything and everything. Initially, I started with ideas about crime or detective stories in the style of ‘Die Drei Fragezeichen’ (Three Investigators). However, I underestimated the project a bit. Even with a good idea of how my story is going to start, it takes a lot more than that to write ~200 pages. That’s why I moved to short stories, essays and blog posts for the time being.

Why on a Sunday morning? “Sunday morning is the new Saturday night” [1], a very good description from my friend Martin in Frankfurt. Even if you enjoy a lazy Sunday, it can still give you a nice feeling if you get up in time, meet some people and do/write something. Then, back home for lunch, I still have the complete afternoon but have already accomplished something. A very satisfying feeling.

Try this meetup thing out. Admittedly, we are a bunch of crazy people, but it is a very creative crowd and I could not imagine meeting that many interesting people and hearing their ideas and stories anywhere else.

Cheers and enjoy your Sundays my friends!

[1] Martin Gamble, founder of [↳] English Creative Writing in Frankfurt, former member of the Brussels Writing Meetup and spreading the word around the world.

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  1. Jane Capon says:

    P.S. You do not have to be called Martin to attend Meetup groups.

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