4. March 2018

Reflection on “The Why Are You Here Cafe”

A friend recommended “The Why Are You Here Cafe” by John Strelecky. He teased me with ‘Must read, but be careful, this book will change your life’, so how could I say no. Actually, I am not much of a reading person, but I thought that I could manage to read a book of 144 pages.

What is the Book About?

I will summarise it in a few sentences, but I strongly encourage you to get a copy. The narrative started with a person who desperately needed a quiet weekend. But instead of ‘recharging his battery’, he ended up frustrated in traffic jam on the way to the seaside. At around midnight, he was lost in the middle of nowhere only to find a small diner by coincidence.

During his stay – with plenty of food – the owners and some of his friends discussed three philosophical questions:

  1. Why Are You Here?
  2. Do You Fear Death?
  3. Are You Fulfilled?

The book talks about the three questions in detail, so I will not go into that. Bottom line is – you have something, a subject or skill, which you were good at, that could fulfil you. You only have to discover it first. And, you know, maybe it could help you leave the rat race, turn things into your favour and be your own boss?

German Version “Das CafĂ© am Rande der Welt” and a nice piece of Cheese Cake

My Take Away

I like the idea of giving things a try, now more than ever. You never know if you have a hidden talent which you have not considered the tiniest bit before.

For example, studying languages was not my strength in school. I struggled with German and English classes back in time – even failed English in 10th grade. But hey! As long as I was good in STEM subjects, it was fine and accepted by my parents. What would the 15-yo me say if I told him that I would use four different languages in a day? He would say, “lol, keep dreaming, dude”!

The message? Try different things to find Your Thing. What am I going to do now? Since I recently published the post about 100 Skills Every Man Should Know, I will go through that list and define some monthly projects. A month should be long enough to try things out, but it is not too long to wrap things up.

What would you do next?

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