2. June 2018

Fading Memories

Nearly a decade ago, I visited Mainau, the Island of Flowers, in the beautiful region of the Lake Constance. Expecting to see colourful flowers, a house of butterflies and a greenhouse, I was surprised to find something… surreal.

Setting the scene: It was a grey and chilly day in January. Though it was a foggy day, I enjoyed it. In my opinion, the fog gave the lake some ‘depth’. Normally you see the Alps on the other side of the lake. Yet with the fog, you could not see them and it seemed to be like the sea side.

So, my flat mates and I drove to Mainau (check it out when you are in this region [↳] mainau.de). We walked around for some time and visited the butterfly and palm houses. Particularly during a moody winter, it felt like a warm embrace for our souls.

On the way back we crossed a little bridge, and, suddenly, I saw something strange-looking in the water:

Fading Memories (c) Martin Seeger

What is that? Could it be? Yes, somebody threw a pram into the lake… We joked about it for a short moment, but continued our journey as it started to get chilly. When I was back home, I reviewed some photos, and there it was again. The pram in the lake. The more I looked at it, the more I discovered little details in the photo. It sparked some wild interpretation in my head:

The photo in itself looked like a dreamy cloud and the plants already started to grow over the pram and, bit by bit, the clump would absorb it. With the water flowing and the plants waving, sometimes you could see more of it and sometimes less.

It looked to me like it was an old memory that started to fade away. One that suddenly becomes very clear in your mind. Do you have those moments when you remember a random situation from the past? Triggered by a sound, taste or smell? Even from times you were in kindergarten or primary school? Memories which you could not tell if I was asking you to name them?


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